Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Deany Seagulls - Stop Making Sense mix

Not long now until we return to the beautiful shores of Croatia along with the rest of the Trouble Vision family for 2012s Stop Making Sense session. This year is looking to be another amazing festival with a new and improved festival site and line up announcements including Deetron, Move D, Jay Shepheard and many many more meaning we are certainly in for a treat. 

Definitely one of the top overseas festivals with Chris and the SMS family really knowing how to hold down a proper shindig in the sun. Get over to the SMS site here for full line up and ticket info and get on to those flights while they are still cheap!

Deany Seagulls - Territorial Behaviour Mix
Thought we'd post this perfect summer day time selection put together by Stop Making Sense resident and king of the eclectic groove tape Deany Seagulls for Pulse Radio

Deany's sets were meant to played in the sunshine, preferably over a paradise beach setting and he certainly brought in the afternoon pre rave noisings with style at last years festival. Crack on the below and start dreaming of cocktails in the Croatian sun. We can't ruddy wait!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday's recommended mixtuals.

Straight into the new week with some fresh stand out mixes for your ears.

Lay-Far - Keep it Deep guest mix
Got this one through on recommendation just in time for my Friday afternoon trip home from work and it is probably the main cause of an intentional quiet (for once) Friday night turning into a 5am finisher.

This mix has been put together for German bloggers Keep-it-deep by Moscow based Dj/producer and Headz.fm member Alexander Lay-Far. Well worth a download with funked up sounds laid down alongside quality house and disco slices. Get it on the Soundcloud player below.

Lou Madhu - Dirty Byrd Podcast 03
Next up is this late night lay down for the Dirty Byrds pod cast by North London's Lou Madhu. Deep and atmospheric rollers throughout on this one resulting in one very fresh selection for the early hours.

Check out the Dirty Byrds family's next event taking place on the 11th May at Stoke Newington's Question Mark Bar.

Medlar (Wolf Music) - Tief 005 
One more for you today coming from the lads at Tief. I'm off on my US road trip later this week so am a little upset to be missing their next session at Corsica studios. However i will definitely be taking this mix on the ipod player to remind me of the fun everyone will be having without me. 

The mix, number 5 in the Tief series has been put together by Wolf Music's Medlar featuring a number of productions from artists who will be appearing at the next Tief session including  Chicago Damn, Casino times and of course Medlar himself.
Tief takes place this Saturday 28th May at Corsica studios with Todd Terje and Morgan Geist heading up another tieftastic line up. Face book even here and mix pon di Soundcloud below.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday Mixtuals - Casino Times + Leisureware

Friday.... The best day of your weekly toil, who's sister Saturday is the only comparable beauty. Well as we've been so slack at posting recently, especially on the Friday mixtuals front here's a dump truck load of super tasty fresh mixes to get you in that weekend mood from some of our favourite platter spinners about right now.

First up.....Casino Times - Wolf Music mix

These boys are on it. Rumour has it they only have to walk into a rave and things instantly become sexier (kind of like Prince if he was a duo and from Oxford). Once on the 1s and 2s they really step it up a notch. Constant quality on the remix front as well with recent gems out on Wolf Music remixing the fantastic Greymatter as well as a top quality remix of T.E.E.D's Tapes and Money.
Anyway, it's also one half of the duos birthday today, so Happy Birthday to Nick! Catch them tonight at Conershop in Shoreditch and give the below mix a very loud play to start those weekend juices flowing.

Track Listing -
1. Chocky Dayz - Mithering You 
2. Kevin McPhee - Sleep 
3. High Hopes - Tru 
4. O&A - Noho (Axel Boman Remix) 
5. Lay-Far - Down-to-Sky 
6. Manni Dee - Shifting (James Fox Shifting Remix) 
7. Frank Rodas - untitled (1) 
8. HNNY - For The Very First Time 
9. Maxim Lany feat. Katorski - Cunnie 
10. Waze & Odyssey - I Can't Hear You (Dance) 
11. Greymatter - Give It To Me Slow (Casino Times Remix) 
12. DrumTalk - Silver & Gold 
13. TEED - Tapes & Money (Casino Times Remix)

Leisureware - The Polo Neck Mix

Quality house from the Fill Yer Boots bad man throughout this one. Rumour has it he is also pushing the beginnings of a campaign to bring back the Polo neck as well. If anyone can pull it off he can.

Check him at Fill Yer Boots Sunday the 6th May at The White Horse, Hoxton alongside NTS regular Mr Beatnick.

Track Listing-
Nina Kraviz - Aus 
Kai Alce - Decay 
Avalon Emerson - Horoscope 
Mr Beatnick - Shifting Sands 
October - String Theory 
Anton Zap - Mon: 16:46 
Ron Basejam - Voices (Hot Coins Remix) 
Tokyo Black Star - Blade Dancer (Dixon Edit) 
Neurotic Drum Band - Robotic Hypnotic Adventure (Harkin & Raney Remix) 
Argy - Peace Of Me Feat. POSH! The Prince
Catch Leisureware at Fill Yer Boots with Mr Beatnick and Picture House next month!

Soul Clap - The E Funk mix

Ok, a little old this one but with last weeks Soul Clap session at Plan B in Brixton and their new album hitting the shops the lovely guys over at Fact have posted it again for those of you that didn't get it the first time round. A classic example of the true mixtape here with a funked up house twist. Check it on the Soundcloud here and head over to the Fact site here for the full track listing.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

DJ Sneaks #21 Arveene & Misk

Been a good few weeks since we've posted anything as things have been pretty busy so we thought we'd crash back into it with a fresh DJ Sneaks mix from Dubliners Arveene and Misk as well as a bit of Sneaker chat with ya man Arveene. 


Now I'm pretty hyped to get this one up as Arveene is one serious collector of trainers. Been meaning to post this for a few weeks now but the toils of life have drained all my precious time which is a shame as it would have been even better to get this mix out fresh from the platters.

Anyway, a bit about the boys....
Arveene and Misk hail from Dublin and certainly know there way around a DJ set. I first caught wind of one half of  this immaculate talent (Arveene) many moons ago when a new face on the turn tables of The End at the sorely missed Monday night Durrr session slipped in a ridiculously epic (and pre X factor hype) remix of Rage's Killing in the Name of. If i remember correctly the young chap behind the booth then passed Robin a promo CD featuring the remix and so his legend began..... That tune was definitely hammered in our sets for many months after.

Nowadays the boys with their combined powers are keeping themselves very busy. With past remixes for the likes of Kitsune, The Prodigy, Felix The House Cat and Mr Oizo to name just a few they certainly like to shake up the genre pot. Their own original material has also been recieving alot of attention with their track "Love and Lust" from last year being a particular favorite of mine (definitely worth checking the video as well )  Get on over to their Soundcloud page here for more of a taste of what they do.

The Kicks.


 Now like I've already said, Arveene likes his footwear and he's sent us over a pic of some very tasty Nike Air Max 1s. I'm going to leave you with the image below and a few words from the man himself about them -

"I've always been a fan of sneakers from as far back as i can remember.My dad used to rock a pair of wine Adidas 'Summits' when i was a kid in the 80's(which i wish were still mine).
They were fresh in that classic 80's way and I remember clearly thinking when can i get a pair like those bad boys. I'm all about Adidas and Nike. I developed a sneaker habit in the 
early 00's and got seriously addicted to Nike Prestos with the Rainbow Presto being the only pair of prestos i could never find in my size ( a Large if anyone has a pair willing to sell).
Ok enough about lost conquests.. I'm all about he Air Max 1, They are now the heart and Soul of my collection and the one pair i'm constantly on the look out for classic colour ways
and well cut pairs. The Aztec or Navajo tickets all the right boxes for me I've also been obsessed with Pendelton Woolen Mills in the states for time and they have the freshest and 
most original Native American Prints. So for me this is a no brainer that had my blood rushing and my addictive personality twitching till i made the purchase.. Big Up to the Dudes 
at Size Dublin for keeping my collection in check with these particular bad boys..."

The Mix -
 Pumping house and electronic beasts through out on this one featuring their own recent club battering ram "Hells Bells 2012". Get a listen on the soundcloud player below with track listing below that. Check Arveene And Misk out on Facebook here and twitter here

Intro - A&M Edit
Dualtec - '92  - 
Jagerverb - Cable
Gesaffelstein - Viol (Brodinski Mix) 
Punx Soundcheck - Turtle (Arveene & MiSK Remix)
The Hacker - Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Mix)
Arveene & MiSK - Hells Bells 2012
Cubic Zirconia - Take Me High (Bart B'More Mix)
ZZT - Partys Over Los Angeles (Attaque Remix)
Clouds - Future Blaster