Monday, 11 November 2013

Goog Block Mix #18 - OK Jones + Good Block @ The Social

Happy Mondays people. If you're feeling like me you probably can't wait for the day to be over. Too much fun on a Saturday makes for one slow Monday.

Got you a mix today i put together at the end of last week under my more disco and boogie based moniker OK Jones for the London party crew Good Block.

I will be joining the Good Block guys this Friday at the Social on Little Portland Street in central London for an evening of disco, boogie, funk, hip hop and house. I'm going to be bringing just the vinyl to this one as was the case with this mix. Tried to get in as many upbeat dance floor kickers as i could on this so please do have a listen and if you are in London on Friday drop in to the Social for what is looking to be a proper good fun night.

Party deets on the Facebook event page here and check the mix on the Mixcloud player below.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hump Day mixtuals - MogaDisco - Disco Special mix + Rahaan @ MyHouse Leiden 2 Punt 3 (02-10-2013)

Hump day mix recommendations.

MogaDisco - Disco Special mix

Starting up with this Afro disco selection from from Deptford night MogaDisco. Originally set up in Manchester and now based in South London's Deptford. MogaDisco brings a club night with a taste of Africa to the table.

This month see's the MogaDisco crew welcome Lagos hi-life legend Orlando Julius to the party. This being his second ever live show in the UK it is looking to be a very special night. Check out the event details here and on the flyer above. 

 The mix laid down by the MogaDisco residents a few months back features a packing of Nigerian recorded disco and funk jams. Definitely worth a playon the Mixcloud player below.

Rahaan - Live @ MyHouse Leiden 2 punt 3 (02-10-2013)

More fire from the Chicago boogie boss. Now i've posted a few mixes from Rahaan here recently but the man seems to churn out quality mixes like a machine. 

Recently on tour this side of the pond we had the pleasure of having him along to Trouble Vision for what was one serious party. The energy and little known disco, boogie and house brilliance he brings to his sets is second to none. A true gentleman as well. Thought i'd post this latest one as it's another fine example of how a party should be preached too.

Check it on the Soundcloud below.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday Mixtuals - Mr.Smith - Niether Here Nor There Mix

Friday is here people!

Thought i'd pop this dreamy selection up for you as it's sorting out my afternoon perfectly.

The mix is spliced and  lovingly laid down by Mr.Smith. I actually know very little about Mr.Smith and happened to stumble across this mix on a random blog. From what i can dig out he's from Sydney, Australia and residents for Ghetto Boogie. The mix caught my eye due to its serious track listing and the fact it is all mixed from original vinyl. A perfect party starting selection of classic boogie and dance floor funk. The mix is two years old so if anyone knows what Mr. Smith is up to these days let us know. Anyway. Get a listen for yourself and enjoy those weekends.


Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trouble Vision Podcast #008 - Park Ranger - Live From Trouble Vision 21/9/2013

An absolutely superb mix for you today.

Number 008 in the Trouble Vision podcast series sees Trouble Vision resident Park Ranger take the controls. The mix, over an hour and a half recorded live in Corsica studios brings everything i could ever want from a DJ set. House, boogie, funk, edits, old and new. All laid down in that oh so just right Park Ranger way.

Recorded back at the September Trouble Vision Park Ranger opened up for what was to be one of the greatest Trouble Vision parties ever for us guys. One of those nights where the crowd and the tunes worked more perfectly that ever. Lining up the one roomer session for guests  Hunee and Damiano Von Erckert it was one hell of a night. 

Check the mix on the below player and head on over to the Trouble Vision event page here for details of November's party with John Talabot, Pional, Fort Romeau and more. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

HouseShoes - King James Version (Mixtape Stream/MP3 + 2LP VINYL)


Alerted to this one by Dark Sky's sharp eared Dilla junkie Thomas Edwards. 

The mix is also available on a double vinyl (pretty damn cool for a mix) at the end of October features original records used by the legendary J Dilla for sampling and production and in the words of the press release is "a lovingly and expertly constructed journey through the building blocks of Dilla's beats". Could not have been put better. Mixed by Dilla's good friend and all round record playing G - HouseShoes this is one amazing splicing not to be missed out on.

Head on over to the Redefinition Records page here for details on the release and hit up the mix on the Soundcloud stream below. 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Bill Brewster - Maceo’s Glastonbury 2013

Happy Thursday!

Got another quality mix for you today from one of the god fathers of the DJ set, Bill Brewster.

Co writer of DJ bibles Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and How To DJ Properly (both books you should really consider reading before stepping behind a pair of turntables). Bill Brewster is a true purveyor of  house music and dance music in general as well as being a true artist when it comes to the DJ set.

This mix was recorded at Maceos's crew bar behind the NYC Downlow stage at Glastonbury this year. Another example of Bill bringing a perfect set for the crowd he's been asked to entertain. Slowed up grooves from start to finish. Some you may know others will have you digging within seconds of them rolling in. Bill seems like a pretty nice guy too. Any track listing questions drop him a note in the comments section. This is just one of many quality sets uploaded to his Soundcloud so have a listen to this one and check out some of the others. You may learn something! 


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Faze Action September 2013 Mix + English Disco Lovers Brixton

Hump day people. You're at the peak of that mid week mountain. It's an easy road from here to the weekend so hold in there.

In today with this absolute belter of a mix from Faze Action. Brothers Robin Lee and Simon Lee are considered connoisseurs of the timeless dance sound. The electronic edged disco of their own productions rolls so smoothly alongside original disco and boogie releases and edits that their mixes are a constant on my pocket pod. This promo mix for September 2013 is just another great example of why these guys have been rocking the place since the release of their first album back in 1997.

Again, more self indulgence today as this is a favorite recent mix of mine. An absolute quality mix which will definitely pick up your energy levels.

I will also be joining Larj Hans alongside one half of Faze Action - Simon Lee, on the bill for the Brixton edition of English Disco Lovers taking place at the Prince of Wales, Brixton on the 29th November. 

For those that haven't yet heard of English Disco Lovers. It was set up earlier this year as a subversive anti-racism group. Taking the initials of the not so desirable English Defense League its mission is to wipe the bigoted moron led version of the EDL off the face of the planet...Well Google search for now at least. English Disco Lovers are out to push equality, acceptance and Love. All profits from this event will be going to 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign as well as other local charities. Definitely looking to be a great party and it is for a great cause. I will be selecting a stack of extra special disco 12"s and edits for this one and Larj will be on hand with the 7" armory. 

Details of the event as well as super cheap early bird tickets can be found here.

Check out Faze Action's September 2013 mix on the player below.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dj Supermarket - "Nite-Flyte" mix - "yacht rock disco"

Two posts in one day usually means we've found something special.
Nite-Flyte is a mix by Berlin's DJ Supermarket. Label boss, blogger and pretty on point DJ who (in his own words) loves to push "yacht rock disco". If you like it bouncy through out probably best you step back now.

 I'm a huge fan of mixes that do something different and this one is definitely a swerve from the normal. The concept. A Road trip to 1978 L.A. Featuring late 70s soft rock and chilled out disco. Put together in a similar style to DJ Supermarket's previous compilation CDs the mix is made to sound like a radio show from the late 70s. Reckon this one will have a bit of a Marmite effect on people but it's definitely sorted my afternoon out.


Breakbot - The lazy sunday selecta mix

Something seriously fresh and clean for you today in the form of Breakbot's Lazy Sunday selecta mix from back in 2012. Breakbot aka French DJ and Producer Thibaut Berland has been an underground force for cleaned up funk and slowed out house for a good few years now. We first became aware of his excellent work 6 or 7 years back when we had him guest at one of our earliest Superfilth parties. 

A staple but more back seated member of the Ed Banger family since the early days he can be credited for keeping the label in touch with its cleaner less noisy sounding side. Not heard this mix until today but it's packed full of 70s and 80s originals and edits along side some newer work as well. There's even some Dilla in there for good measure. The makings of a quality mix in my eyes. Quick snippets with a huge track listing as well. A studio mix maybe but well worth a play.

Get it on the player below. Shouts to soundsofthe70s.blogspot for the mix hosting as well.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Maurice Fulton - Mixtape Oct 08

A classic mix for you today from another one of my favorite all time DJs, Maurice Fulton. I Love the way Maurice plays. Unpredictable yet always fun. Mixing Disco classics, house, acid tinged treats and anything else worthy of a tasteful dance floor. 

This ones been uploaded to Soundcloud by the guys at Vinyl Junkies Sweden. According to those guys this one was recorded back in 2008 it was originally uploaded by Future Boogie. Props to Vinyl Junkies for the re-upload. Get it on the player below.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Trouble Vi5ion 5.2 - Mixes from DJ Kon, Rahaan & Prins Thomas


Hope everyone's weeks are going well.

Got a little something today to get your ears in the mood for this Friday's Trouble Vision 2nd installment of its 5th Birthday celebrations. Trouble Vision 5.2 will be taking place this Friday at Corsica Studios with one of my favorite line ups yet. Welcoming along Norwegian Space disco legend Prins Thomas, Bostons bringer of the funk DJ Kon and Chicago player and disco edit king DJ Rahaan. Also joining the 5.2 line up Outboxx, Auntie Flo as well Robin and myself. This one is looking to be very very special. Full event details can be found here


Thought we'd treat you all to some mixes from the 3 headliners today. Get you all warmed up and that.

DJ Kon - Kon on my way (promo mix)

This is a rather special mix from the  Boston legend DJ Kon. Put together as a promo mix for his recent album drop "On My Way" it gives a hint towards Kon's eternal love of vinyl. Get a listen on the mix cloud player below.

DJ Rahaan - Trouble Vision podcast #007

This mix has been put together by Rahaan as part of the Trouble Vision podcast series in the run up to Friday's event (well worth checking the TV podcast series out if you haven't already). He is definitely one of my favorite DJs out there. 

Hailing from Chicago with more than enough experience under his belt. Rahaan brings rare disco cuts, boogie, warm subtle house and R&B tones to the floor. He's also a king of the edit with some of the finest reworks out there on labels like Grimy and Lumberjacks in hell with two tracks featuring on last months Chicago service double EP.
Get the mix on the player below. No track list for this one. And even if i did have it i wouldn't share it ;-).

Prins Thomas - RA #074

Ok, this is quite an old mix. First released as part of the Resident Adviser series back in October 2007.  However. Being one of the most respected producers within the Nordic lead - out of our earth disco sound this is a mix that needs to be heard. He's obviously progressed even more since this mix was laid down. And you can trust me in saying he's now even better (if that is possible?). 

His set at Unknown festival this year was a festival highlight for me and with fellow record men such as Midland listing him as their favorite DJ you know this guy is on to something.
Get a listen to the mix on the below player and their a track listing over on the hosting site.

Thanks for reading and if you are in London town on Friday head down to Trouble Vision and say wussup!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday helping hand - Leisureware - Merino Mix

Happy Monday.

Feeling the burn a little this morning. Big shouts to Resident Cochons for having me down on Friday. Managed to pull off the 3 hours of vinyl only and had a lot of fun doing it. The tropical heat inside Canavans made for a bit of a challenge but it was definitely worth it. Loving that place more and more so make sure you go check it out if you get the opportunity.

Monday relief comes in the form of a new mix from one of our faves. Leisureware.

Leisureware - Merino Mix

Starting off fresh and clean this one hot off the press from Leisureware is the perfect way to ease your ears back in to Monday. By 55 minutes you'll be more than ready for the week ahead and possibly even egging on Friday again. Well that's the effect it's having on me as i write this. Get a listen on the player below and head over to the Fill Ya Boots event page here for details of Leisureware's next hosting session welcoming another favorite of ours along to the party. Park Ranger. 

No track list for this one but isn't that part of the fun?

Enjoy your weeks.


Friday, 4 October 2013

Friday Mixtuals - Love Fever - A&A at Smokey Tails & Secret Angency - Introducing Casino Times

How do people?

Got some Friday Mixtuals for you. Been a while. 

But first some shameless self promo aimed at the South London crew. Really honored to be heading down to Canavans in Peckham tonight to join the Resident Cochons boys for a 3hour vinyl set. Billed half as an OK Jones set it's an excuse for me to pull out all those dusty disco discs I've accumulated over the years. No Larj Hans in the building tonight unfortunately but he will be there in spirit. Very excited for this one so if you are in the area please drop by. Pot noodles behind the bar, cheap drinks and pool if the dancing gets to much. Event details over here.

Which leads me on to the first Friday mixtual as this one was actually recommended by those sharp eared fellas over at Resident Cochons just this morning.

Love Fever mix - A&A Loose & Wild at Smokey Tails.

One of London's classiest parties, Love Fever is definitely worth checking out if you have not yet had the opportunity. This mix was laid down by Love Fever mastermind A&A at Hackney's Smokey Tails back in August. Slinked out house, 80s crunch and sexual discotheque (sorry, really can't help myself) through out. 

It's right up my street and would most definitely compliment an evenings warm up or late night sleaze out. Get it on the player below and head over to the Love Fever site here for more info.

Casino Times - Secret Agency introducing mix.

Big fans of the Casino Times chaps we are. As well as being exceedingly polite and handsome musical makers, they know a thing or two about putting a good mix together as well. Taking the controls in room 3 at last week's Tief 2nd birthday they laid down one of the boss'est sets we've seen this year. So we were obviously very happy to see this absolute treat of a mix put out by the Secret Agency last week. 

Set as their "Introducing" mix. It takes you through everything that Casino are about and also includes a track from their upcoming Ep on Wolf Music. Make sure you get this one downloaded and on the pocket pod as soon as you can.

Enough of my ramblings. Get on a listen and have safe weekends.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Good Genes presents Night Sweats + Ali - Night Sweats Warm Up Mix (Vinyl Love)


Got this little breakfast treat for you to warm up those Wednesday ears. Popped this on the stereo when i sat at my desk this morning and it's definitely hit the spot. Mixed by Good Genes resident Ali it's been put together as a warm up for this Saturdays Good Genes party with Night Sweats taking place down at the Brixton Market House.

 Always happy to know there's good parties taking place round our ends so make sure you drop in if you're around Brixton Town this Saturday.

Get the mix on the player below and head on over to the Good Genes event page on jump here. Track Listing can be found on the Soundcloud page.


Monday, 23 September 2013

PUMA Trinomic Launch + Puma 90s Mix

Tomorrow (Tuesday 24th) Me and the Robin will be heading down to the Puma Trinomic XT2 launch at a secret location in East London to play a 90s influenced set. For those lucky enough to have bagged tickets it's looking to be seriously good evening with a number of other secret guest acts on the bill.

We've put together a mix for Puma keeping in with a 90s theme. Get the mix on the Soundcloud player at the bottom of the page and check out the Puma Trinomic XT2 teaser video below that.

More info about the 90s retro release from Puma can be found over on their blog here and if you're heading to tomorrow nights get together make sure you come say hi!